Zeyve Bazaar, a haven in Taurus

Zeyve Bazaar, a haven in Taurus

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Zeyve Bazaar, a haven in Taurus

The Zeyve Bazaar Promenade in the southern province of Mersin, a wonder of nature amid the Taurus Mountains, is visited by thousansds of local and foreign tourists every year. AA photo

A 600-year-old historical bazaar, located within the borders of the Yayla Pazarı village in the central Anatolian province of Karaman’s Kazancı district, charms visitors with its centuries-old plane trees and streams flowing with pleasant noise.

The Zeyve Bazaar Promenade is in an area connecting the district of Ermenek with Mersin’s Anamur and Gülnar districts. It is a protected area and considered a wonder of nature amid the Taurus Mountains.

The area is home to more than 300 plane trees between the ages of 800 and 200 years. Springs began flowing 300 meter above the promenade and create waterfalls of different sizes in the promenade.

The region has been a place for people to gather for centuries. The Yuruks, who migrated from the Mediterranean region to the tablelands and those living in the villages in the area, met in Zeyve. The region takes its name from the bazaar, which has been active in the area for the last 600 years.

The bazaar is set up on Sundays, selling fruits and vegetables that grow in the nearby villages in July, August and September, as well as regional hand-made products. Because of its proximity to the Mediterranean, this is a promenade where tourists can easily arrive through Kazancı and Gülnar. It is a special haven-like area, according to visitors.

No new structuring

Kazancı Mayor Uğuz Tekin said the Zeyve Bazaar was an authentic place with trees and cold water. He said the area was a protected site, adding, “It is even forbidden to break the historical trees’ branches. There is no new structuring. Water is flowing everywhere. It is windy even in the hottest days.”

Tekin said the Zeyve Bazaar was visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists especially during the summer and spring.

“This is close to the Mediterranean. People who are tired of hot weather in Anamur and Gülnar come here. People from central Anatolia also come here. In recent years, we see tour buses bringing people here. Everything is natural. The bazaar is set up here on Sundays, but nobody knows when the tradition was first started.

They say it dates back to 500-600 years ago. Locals sell their own products such as fruits, vegetables, thyme, cumin, garden sage, sumac and such. People visiting the area shop here. The products are fully organic and natural. Everywhere is like a natural photography studio here. The locals are also really helpful,” he said.

Tekin noted the Zeyve Stream, which gives life to the region, had also gained a unique economic structure there, adding, “Since water is abundant, mills have been established here. But after this area was launched as a protected site, these mills have not been maintained and are no longer in use, because they cannot meet the requirements to get the work license. They should be reactivated with a special arrangement because they are unique to this region.”