Zambujo to take Istanbul stage

Zambujo to take Istanbul stage

Zambujo to take Istanbul stage

António Zambujo, a songwriter, guitarist and singer from Portugal’s Beja, a city in the Alentejo region decorated by a spot on UNESCO’s representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, will take the Istanbul stage on Jan. 24 as part of a world tour to promote his latest album, “Do Avesso” (Of the Flip Side).

After eight albums, the interpreter of Fado in a contemporary way, also mixing Brazilian rhythms and Bulgarian melodies in his songs, still finds it difficult to name his music.

“I don´t know how to define my music. It is mostly the result of everything that I listen to and then they become a big influence. Like Brazilian songs, jazz, some ethnic music, from Portugal and Africa,” said in an e-mail interview.

Still, he says “Do Avesso” is “very different” from his previous work.

“Because I chose three producers and we tried to do with the same base and the same influences, a different kind of music. I am very happy with the result, we had a lot of ideas, I recorded for the first time with a classical orchestra, and it was a great feeling to do it.”

Commenting on his upcoming Istanbul Show at Is Sanat, Zambujo said he will play mostly songs from his latest album.

“But we play songs from other albums too with different arrangements,” he said. Zambujo is a great admirer of Brazilian music, but Fado giants such as Camané, Ana Moura lie in his background.

“I fell in love with Fado records that my family had. Mostly the classics. Amália, Marceneiro, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Max, Tony de Matos, and was while listening to those records that I started to try different things with my voice. Explore different moves and listen to other instruments like the Portuguese guitar.”