Yunus Emre Oratorio heads to US cities again since 1958

Yunus Emre Oratorio heads to US cities again since 1958

NEW YORK - Anatolia News Agency
Yunus Emre Oratorio heads to US cities again since 1958

The ortaorio is based on poems by the 13th century Anatolian poet Yunus Emre.

The International Turkish Culture Organization’s (TÜRKSOY) 80-person symphonic orchestra will perform the “Yunus Emre Oratorio” in the United States for the first time in over five decades later this month, according to an association official.

“The work, which was completed [by Turkish composer Ahmet Adnan Saygun] in 1942 and performed in 1958 in New York under the baton of famous chief Leopold Stokowski in honor of the anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, will go before U.S. audiences for the second time after 54 years,” TÜRKSOY Secretary General Düsen Kaseinov said April 10 at a press conference.

The orchestra consists of artists from eight countries under the leadership of Professor Rengim Gökmen.

Kaseinov said the work would be performed April 25 at New York’s Lincoln Center Avery Fischer Hall and April 25 at Washington’s Strathmore Music Center with the aim of making a contribution to world peace.

“Our cultural and artistic richness is not known too well in Europe and the United States. We should start from somewhere to promote them. We want to work on this issue. As a musician, I wish to work for it,” Kaseinov said.

The TÜRKSOY Symphonic Orchestra includes 55 Turkish musicians, said Kaseinov. “The Eskişehir Symphonic Orchestra is the main structure of our program.”

He said ticket prices for the concert ranged between 20 and 100 dollars and that tickets had gone on sale at the Lincoln Center as well as on some websites. “The event will be widely promoted in the U.S. media.”

Touching on TÜRKSOY’s other activities, Kaseinov said they organized events in all fields of art, including painters’ meetings. “Our gallery displays more than 1,000 paintings and this number is increasing every year. We have held exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Belgium and so on. We also organize TÜRKSOY Opera Day as well as photography, cinema and theater festivals.”