Youngest MP gets seat in parliament

Youngest MP gets seat in parliament

Youngest MP gets seat in parliament

Zehranur Aydemir, a 25-year-old representative of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), has become the youngest member of the Turkish parliament following the elections held on May 14.

Zehranur Aydemir, accompanied by her husband, Ömer Faruk Aydemir, registered at the assembly on May 25 to officially assume his parliamentary responsibilities.

Greeted with flowers upon arrival, Zehranur Aydemir received her certificate and provided her fingerprints as part of the registration process. Expressing his support, her husband proudly pinned the badge on the young deputy’s suit.

“I aim to represent the voice of the youth in parliament, working diligently to turn the dreams of young people into reality and fulfilling the promises we have made to them,” Zehranur Aydemir said, expressing her aspirations. “I am fully aware of my responsibilities as the youngest deputy of the 28th term, and I am filled with excitement.”

During the opening session of the parliament, Zehranur Aydemir will serve as a clerk in the presidency council.

In the wake of the 28th term, the parliament is preparing to host a total of five deputies under the age of 30, as the AKP will contribute four under this age bracket and the Greens Left Party (YSP) will have one.

Zehranur Aydemir joins Rümeysa Kadak (30) as the youngest AKP deputy in parliament. Kadak, elected in the 2018 election from Istanbul, held the distinction of being the youngest member in the previous term. Mesut Bozatlı (29) and Eyyüp Kadir İnan (30) will also represent Gaziantep and İzmir in the parliament.

Among the young MPs in the parliament is 28-year-old psychologist Beritan Güneş Altın, nominated by the YSP from Mardin.