Young Kyrgyz people dub Turkish TV dramas

Young Kyrgyz people dub Turkish TV dramas

Young Kyrgyz people dub Turkish TV dramas

A group of young people in Kyrgyzstan have established a dubbing team to satisfy the demand of local television channels for Turkish dramas dubbed in the Kyrgyz language.

TV channels in the country are competing with each other to broadcast the Turkish drama series, which have become hits among Kyrgyz families.

Kyrgyz TV viewers have had the opportunity to watch Turkish series on nearly all television channels during the coronavirus outbreak.

While Russian-dubbed Turkish serials are dominant in the broadcasts of channels in Kyrgyzstan, Turkish TV series dubbed in Kyrgyz are prepared in the studios of television channels.

“Public demand for Turkish TV series dubbed in the Kyrgyz language has increased. We formed a dubbing team to start dubbing Turkish series,” Ermek Kazibekov, who is part of the dubbing team, said.

Kazibekov, whose main profession is stage acting, said that after graduating from Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University in the capital Bishkek, he acted in state youth theater.

He said apart from his main profession, he and his teammates are working in the dubbing business in a studio under the sponsorship of a businessman.

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