Young Greek, Turk musicians in İzmir

Young Greek, Turk musicians in İzmir

Young Greek, Turk musicians in İzmir

The orchestra is composed of 80 talented young Turkish and Greek musicians.

The Greek-Turkish Youth Orchestra (GTYO), composed of 80 talented young Greek and Turkish musicians, will perform three major concerts in Turkey under the auspices of the Greek Consulate of İzmir.

The GTYO will host two Greek brothers, Timotheos and Alexandros Petrin, who are considered rising stars in the classical music world. They will play alongside the orchestra at the ancient fortress of Sığacık in Seferihisar on Aug. 24.

On Aug. 26, Çeşme will host the orchestra at the Altınyunus hotel. This year, the musical director for the three concerts will be the rising Fazıl Orhun Orhon who, in addition to being awarded at major Turkish competitions, has been undertaking important pedagogical work for many years.
“The orchestra has become somewhat of an inspirational cultural institution, now performing major concerts in its fifth consecutive year. It represents one of the most important cultural institutions in the eastern Mediterranean, said Orhon.

“The orchestra aims to unite different musicians under the belief of friendship, harmony and music as a common language,” added Leni Konialidis, president of the GTYO.