Year’s final auction to be held in Ankara

Year’s final auction to be held in Ankara

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Year’s final auction to be held in Ankara

Lots of unique artworks including European porcelains and paintings from Turkey’s renowned artists like Nuri İyem (below) will be auctioned at Ankara Swiss Otel. DHA photos

Unique Ottoman works of art will be looking for buyers when Ankara Antikacılık hosts the year’s final auction on Nov. 27 at the Ankara Swiss Otel.

Some 278 pieces, including unique Ottoman works of art, paintings from leading Turkish artists, opalines, European porcelain sets, glass objects, antique flatware and dinner services, along with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s business card, will all go under the hammer at the auction, which will be officiated by Ankara Antikacılık General Director Muhsin Önder.

Portraits of women by one of the most important Turkish painters, Nuri İyem, are expected to receive great interest from art lovers at the auction.

“We expect a contestable auction. Works by figures like Burhan Doğançay, Nejat Melih Devrim, Mübin Ohon and Avni Arbaş, whose paintings are sold at high prices, will be included in the collections of art lovers. Also, works by artists like Fikret Mualla, Hikmet Onat, Ali Rıza Toroslu, İbrahim Çallı, Ali Rıza Beyazıt, Sami Lim, Adil Doğançay, Şefik Bursalı, Hasan Vecih Bereketoğlu and Nihat Tandoğan, who we lost short time ago, will be revealed for the first time in the auction,” said Önder.

He said works by Mehmet Pesen, who was the first Turkish painter to have his work chosen to adorn UNICEF postcards in 1986, as well as a still-life painting by Güzin Duran, would be the surprises of the auction.

Önder said they believed that carved furniture made by 19th-century Ottoman furniture masters would draw interest in the auction