Yachts race for parking spot in tourism hotspot Bodrum

Yachts race for parking spot in tourism hotspot Bodrum

Yachts race for parking spot in tourism hotspot Bodrum

People in droves have thronged to the famous resort town of Bodrum in the southwestern province of Muğla on the Aegean coast during the long Eid al-Adha holiday, causing traffic jams on the roads.

With yacht owners racing for a good spot to anchor their vessels in surrounding bays during their stay, the town’s shoreline has become overcrowded as well.

They wait offshore to move in as soon as one yacht leaves, but those vessels on the sea are disrupting the sea traffic. Those lucky enough to find a good spot stay put, fearing that they may not be able to anchor their vessel if they leave.

The very first marine address for yachts was the Göltürkbükü, a famous bay at the north of the Peninsula.

Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay in English) was another favorite bay where the yacht owners preferred to spend the Eid al-Adha holiday.

“There is no space left for parking any boats or yachts of any size at the Tilkicik Koyu,” said a local about a bay in the Yalıkavak neighborhood of Bodrum.

According to local marine experts, yacht owners did not prefer to spend days at the center of Bodrum or neighborhoods near the center, such as Bitez or Gümbet.

Bodrum is a tourism hub that hosts million-dollar yachts every year.

“Madame Gu,” which is 99 meters long, was the first megayacht that visited Bodrum this summer. A helicopter and some 90,000 liters of fuel were delivered to the yacht anchored at the port of Bodrum.

“Plan B,” 73 meters long, was another yacht that docked at Bodrum in July.

“The visits of megayachts are important for Bodrum and its locals,” said Orhan Dinç, the provincial head of the Marine Trade Association (DTO).

“The demand for yacht tourism has increased enormously due to the pandemic,” said Galip Gür, the provincial head of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Association.

Underlining that Bodrum has been registered as “one of the most beautiful places” by the association, Gür said: “The number of the mega or the ultra yachts coming to Bodrum skyrocketed amid the pandemic.”

Dinç said he was happy that the number of megayachts coming to the region rose over the years.

“Bodrum is heaven. We have to keep it clean,” Dinç stressed.