World-famous Cappadocia drew over 60,000 tourists this May

World-famous Cappadocia drew over 60,000 tourists this May

World-famous Cappadocia drew over 60,000 tourists this May

Turkey’s world-famous Cappadocia region, home to fabled fairy chimneys and stunning balloon rides, welcomed over 60,000 tourists this May, local tourism officials said in a statement on June 11.

According to authorities in the central Nevşehir province, 61,634 people visited 17 top tourist sites in Cappadocia.

With 17,774 visitors, the famed Göreme open-air museum was the most-visited destination in Cappadocia.

It was followed by the Zelve open-air museum, which drew 17,477 visitors, and the underground city of Kaymaklı, which attracted 11,571 visitors, according to the statement.

Cappadocia has become a popular destination worldwide in recent years with its famous underground cities, “fairy chimney” volcanic cones and hot air balloon rides, along with churches and chapels carved into rocks, and shelters used during the early years of the Christian faith.

The region offers tourists a visual feast in central Turkey and appears like a fairy-tale land with its blankets of snow and fog,

Last year, the Turkish Parliament ratified a bill that aims to protect the historic fabric of the region.

With the approval of the bill, Cappadocia Field Authority was established that has the authority to demolish or restore buildings and sell or rent government property in Cappadocia.

In line with the law, some 310 unauthorized buildings were demolished in the last two years in the historical site.

Authorities have also implemented stringent measures as part of the Safe Tourism Certification Program, allowing visitors to take in the sights and sounds of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

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