World Change Academy opens center in Sapanca

World Change Academy opens center in Sapanca

World Change Academy opens center in Sapanca

The World Change Academy opened its 100th center on Aug. 5 in the Sapanca district of the western province of Sakarya.

The center draws attention to the individual’s responsibility to themselves, society, and the entire ecosystem by concentrating upon the truth of “Change yourself to let your world change. Change your world to let the world change.”

The establishment, which is opening centers in all metropolitan cities in countries all over the world from Turkey to the U.S., Japan, Argentina, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, New York, Las Vegas, Lausanne, Paris, Rome, Geneva, and Dubai, is getting ready to take a key role in the future of the world.

“In today’s world where ecological balances change, to mention a few: Global warming, climate differentiation, increasing earthquakes, and social crises, the World Change Academy aims for a foundational change based on a change of the people,” it said in a statement.

The motivational experts of The World Change Academy will serve in the Sakarya-Sapanca with rich, practical, and theoretical presentations.

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