Worker finds $360K, turns it in to owner

Worker finds $360K, turns it in to owner

MANİSA- Anadolu Agency
Worker finds $360K, turns it in to owner

A municipal worker in Turkey’s Aegean province of Manisa found a bag containing 2 million Turkish liras ($360,000) in a local park, returning it to its bereft owner.

Durmuş Uğur spotted the bag on Aug. 15 on a bench containing cash and checks while watering plants and trees in the province's Turgutlu district, before turning it in to his superiors to find its owner.

Speaking at a ceremony attended by the bag's owners, Çetin Akın, the district mayor, praised Uğur's exemplary behavior as a model for all of Turkey.

Uğur was awarded a gold coin by the Turgutlu Municipality.

Speaking to reporters following the ceremony, Uğur said Mahsun Örge wanted to give him a gift, but he did not accept it.

"I did my duty to humanity. I can't accept something that isn't mine," Durmuş said.

Uğur is a father of two children, one of whom suffers from epilepsy, and is paying 90,000 Turkish liras (over $16,000) in housing and credit card debt.