Work reveals Hasankeyf’s history

Work reveals Hasankeyf’s history

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Work reveals Hasankeyf’s history

Excavations show historic Hasankeyf’s history is dating back to the 12th century.

Many facts about Batman’s historic district of Hasankeyf’s 12,000-year history have been revealed in the course of the excavations, but the most important findings of this year’s excavation work were a water purification system and a drainage system from the Artuklu period, in the 12th century, Batman University Rector Professor Abdusselam Uluçam said.

“This is a very significant finding in terms of Hasankeyf’s regional and cultural history, and it was a very important result of this year’s excavations. It shows that the system used in the 12th century was more developed than current one.”

The excavations also revealed traces from a Neolithic period settlement in the area as well as the remains of many graves, Uluçam said.

 Meanwhile, Hasankeyf Castle has been closed to visits for safety reasons, due to cracked surfaces at the entrance to the castle, the Culture and Tourism Ministry has announced.

 The cracks at the entrance were discovered by a group that has been carrying out this season’s excavations in the area. The cracks were found in the same part of the castle that was previously danger of collapse, Uluçam said.

 The castle may open to visitors again after the necessary safety measures are taken, he added.

 A portion of Hasankeyf Castle collapsed on July 14, 2010, and one person was killed by falling rocks.