Women saw violence in ancient times

Women saw violence in ancient times

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Women saw violence in ancient times

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Violence against women was common in cultures 3,500 years ago, a professor from the eastern province of Erzurum’s Atatürk University has said.

“In the ancient documents [that we found], it is said that 3,500 years ago – between 1375 and 1345 B.C. – kings used violence against their wives,” said Professor Mehmet Karaosmanoğlu of the university’s archaeology department.

There were many documents about women in history, the professor said, adding that documentation of violence toward women in Hittite times had been reflected in stone tablets. 

 “We can see in these documents that the Hittite King Mursili II was one of those kings [who beat his wife]. It is documented that Mursili II complained about his wife to the gods and goddesses all the time and cursed her, [causing her to die],” Karaosmanoğlu said. 

“It is also written that the queen had a stammer because of the king’s mother’s curses. It is seen in this period that violence against brides was used because of conflict between brides and mothers-in-law,” he said.

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