Water ebbs in İnceğiz Canyon due to drought

Water ebbs in İnceğiz Canyon due to drought

DENİZLİ – Demirören News Agency
Water ebbs in İnceğiz Canyon due to drought

Water flow has slowed down at the İnceğiz Canyon in the western province of Denizli due to the dry winter and low precipitation, local officials said on Sept. 14.

The six-kilometer-long and 380-meter-high canyon, located on the borders of Denizli and the neighboring provinces of Muğla and Aydın, had a sudden drawdown after the drought in the summer.

“There is little water left in the canyon now. Last year, tourists were cruising here on boats,” said Cevdet Otuk, a tourist who was disappointed to see the dry canyon.

Another tourist, Dilara Utuk, has also expressed her sorrow.

“It was a natural beauty. But now, there is no water and no visitor. It is not a trip that I wished to have.”

Mestan Pekçok, a business owner in the canyon, has brought up another reason for the incident.

“Water runs to the Bozdoğan Kemer Dam, which is used for agricultural irrigation. Lack of rain dried the canyon, and the irrigation practices emptied the dam.”

According to the locals, the much-awaited rains will be the solution for the canyon.

“People who come here are leaving instantly. They get disappointed with the scene. I hope with the rains, the water levels will run high again,” said Pekçok, praying to see the canyon of the old days.