Walt Disney faces 'headscarf' accusations

Walt Disney faces 'headscarf' accusations

Walt Disney faces headscarf accusations

Imane Boudlal speaks during a news conference at the ACLU with her lawyer Mark Rosenbaum, chief counsel ACLU in Los Angeles on Monday, Aug. 13, 2012. AP Photo

A Muslim woman has filed a lawsuit against entertainment giant Walt Disney for forbidding her from wearing her headscarf at work, private broadcaster NTV reported on its website.  

Imane Boudlal, 28, asked her employers to allow her to wear her headscarf to work, but was reportedly denied on grounds that the headscarf was against the company’s dress code.  

Boudlal was then offered an alternate job that would not involve interaction with customers so that she could continue to wear the headscarf. The woman, however, was fired when she refused to agree to the offer.  

Boudlal was allegedly taunted at the office for her attire as well.  

Walt Disney denied the allegations, stating that the company treated every employee the same regardless of their religious beliefs.