Visitors ask Virgin Mary to bring car

Visitors ask Virgin Mary to bring car

İZMİR – Anadolu Agency
Visitors ask Virgin Mary to bring car

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The wishing walls of the house of the Virgin Mary in İzmir’s Selçuk district are full of interesting wishes, such as a car that doesn’t overheat and has good handling, as well as other wishes reflecting those of society for peace, wealth and happiness. 

The House of the Virgin Mary has become a pilgrimage for Christians who visit the town, light a candle and write their wishes on the wall, as well as on napkins, toilet paper, museum entrance tickets, coupons, a piece of clothing and others things.

Among the wishes for good health, peace, happiness, long life and money, other interesting ones included for “acne to get better,” “losing weight” and “Beşiktaş [football club] becoming champion.” 

Also, unlike previous years, some visitors have wished for security and happiness for refugees after the events of 2015. 

İzmir Kaitp Çelebi University Philosophy Department academic Associated Professor Muhammet Özdemir said he had visited the House of Virgin Mary with his students for an “introduction to philosophy” lesson. 

He said sociologists could examine the wishing wall and make an evaluation for the expectations of society. 

He said that wishes in foreign languages were mostly for health and a better life while Turkish wishes were largely for richness and thinness.