Virus case tracking app launched in Turkey

Virus case tracking app launched in Turkey

Virus case tracking app launched in Turkey

The Health Ministry has launched an application for smartphones that will enable people to detect and monitor the COVID-19 cases in their districts.

The application shows the risk level, the density of infected people and the density of people in isolation at the users’ locations.

It has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its launch on April 18.

One of the features of the application makes it possible to perform an online coronavirus test with a couple of questions. The application asks users how they are feeling or if they show any symptoms for the virus.

The application also indicates the locations of nearby hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets and public transport vehicle stops on the map.

Another feature of the application will detect if the user has come into contact with people who pose risks.

The application also gives updated information on the outbreak, such as the number of confirmed cases in the country, the number of tests carried out, the number of people who recovered and the death toll from the virus.

The application has been developed by the Health Ministry in cooperation with the country’s mobile phone operators and the Information and Communication Technologies Authority.

Before the smartphone application, Turkey had already introduced a tracking system for people contaminated with the virus. The movements of those people, who are supposed to be in isolation, are monitored and if they break the isolation rules, they are warned through messages sent to their phones.

People with the virus are required to download the newly developed application for smartphones. Security forces will be informed about those who leave their homes despite warnings and necessary criminal actions will be taken.