Van’s famous breakfast now served in Ankara

Van’s famous breakfast now served in Ankara

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Van’s famous breakfast now served in Ankara

The owner Yusuf Konak is introducing Van’s famous breakfast culture to the people of Ankara in his new place in the capital. The products are brought from Van and the breakfast menu is prepared daily. ‘We are very busy at weekends,’ he says.

Van’s famous breakfast culture has begun to be offered in Ankara by Yusuf Konak, who served breakfast for 35 years in the eastern province of Van but moved to the capital after the recent severe earthquake in the region.

Konak has introduced the Van breakfast in many countries, including the United States. He not only serves breakfast but also asks puzzles, tell jokes and give presents to his customers to make the breakfast time more enjoyable.

“We had big trouble, but we came here and set up our business again. We have brought Van’s famous breakfast to the capital,” he told the Anatolia news agency.

Place in Van damaged
He has recently set up shop in Ankara since his breakfast place was damaged during the earthquake in Van. The products served in Bak Hele Bak Yusuf Konak in the Çankaya neighborhood are sourced from Van, he said. “Everything here is unique to Van. Besides honey, cheese with herbs, butter, cream, nuts and many other products, we also bring bread and even water from Van. Our purpose is to offer natural Van breakfast. We say ‘Van is here,’” Konak said.

Konak also brought his employees to Ankara, he said. “We try to forget the pain of the earthquake. Our puzzles and joke-telling continue.”

At first hesitating to ask puzzles considering people’s reactions, Konak said, he continued the tradition after many requested he tell jokes. “People asked me why I stopped asking puzzles and telling jokes. And now I make breakfasts more entertaining by continuing this tradition,” he said.

The breakfast menu in Bak Hele Bak Yusuf Konak is prepared daily. The daily Hürriyet has chosen the place as one of the best 10 breakfast places in Turkey. The list has been prepared by cuisine culture writers, gourmets and journalists.

“I call to the people of Ankara to come here. You get the chance to taste the Van breakfast,” Konak said.

“We are very busy at weekends. In the weekdays, women organize special events here. Sometimes primary school students come to our place and we introduce this unique breakfast to them.”