Vaccine tests also to be held in Kocaeli

Vaccine tests also to be held in Kocaeli

KOCAELİ - Demirören News Agency
Vaccine tests also to be held in Kocaeli

Human trials for a potential vaccine, which is being developed by China, for COVID-19 will also be held at a hospital in the northwestern province of Kocaeli.

The third phase test trials have already begun at Hacettepe University Medical School in the capital Ankara where more than 20 volunteer health workers have been injected with the vaccine.

As it was case with Hacettepe University, health workers, who are at the forefront in the fight against the outbreak, will take part in the tests at Kocaeli University Medical School.

Some 550 volunteers will be injected with the vaccine in groups of 10 people at the hospital.

“We have a long list of volunteers. They are mostly asking questions about the possible side effects of the vaccine and how effective the vaccine would be,” said Professor Sıla Akhan from Kocaeli University Medical School Hospital.

Professor Murat Gökava from Hacettepe University said earlier this week that the Chinese vaccine had only mild side effects on the volunteers.

The vaccine has appeared to cause injection site reaction and fatigue, which are commonly observed side effects of all other vaccines, according to Gökova.

The test trials for the Chinese vaccine is expected to be carried out in a total of 25 centers in Turkey.