Uludağ most popular with Russians, Arabs

Uludağ most popular with Russians, Arabs

BURSA - Anatolia News Agency
Uludağ most popular with Russians, Arabs

Arab tourists choose to come to Bursa for its abundant nature and fresh air. AA photo

A new survey from a flight-comparison website has revealed that 86 percent of people do not want mobile phone use to be permitted on planes because it is “annoying to have to listen to other people’s conversations.”

“In a world where we are now almost always ‘on call,’ it seems people don’t want to say goodbye to their last sanctuary of non-connectivity,” said Sam Baldwin, the travel editor for Skyscanner, which conducted the survey.

“Flying allows us to switch off for a few hours, both from our own calls and other people’s,” he said. “However, Virgin’s move into onboard mobile is the beginning of the end of the no-phone zone. I think it’s inevitable that within a few years, making mobile calls at 30,000 feet will be commonplace on all airlines.”
Even though many people welcome improvements in general Internet connectivity, allowing them to jump online in more and more places around the world, there appears to be a markedly different attitude when it comes to mobile phone conversations in confined spaces.If mobile use was available onboard, 48 percent said they would send texts, 35 percent said they would surf the web, 10 percent would send email, while only 6 percent would actually make and take calls

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