UK man gives birth to baby

UK man gives birth to baby

Daily Mail
UK man gives birth to baby

Thomas Beatie. Hürriyet photo

A British man who underwent a sex change operation to become a man gave birth after another surgery that reactivated his womb, according to the Mail Online.

The unnamed man joins a select group of men who have been able to similarly give birth.

Thomas Beatie is one out of five known transgender individuals in the world to have given birth because wombs that remain intact during sex change operations are fully functional, according to doctors.

Beatie from Oregon, born Tracy Lagondino, was the first “male mother,” when he gave birth in 2008 after his wife underwent a hysterectomy, the couple has had two more children since then.

Beatie artificially inseminated his own intact womb with donor sperm at home. Allan Pacy, a male fertility expert from Sheffield University, stated that this kind of birth was not uncommon and may have already happened before in the United Kingdom, according to the Mail Online article.