Two prehistoric artifacts missing from Turkey's Şanlıurfa museum

Two prehistoric artifacts missing from Turkey's Şanlıurfa museum

ŞANLURFA - Doğan News Agency
Two prehistoric artifacts missing from Turkeys Şanlıurfa museum

A 10,000-year old stone seal from the Neolithic period and a 6,000-year old animal figurine from the early Bronze Age that had been hosted in the Şanlurfa Museum are now missing.

An investigation has been launched to shed light on the disappearance of the ancient two-centimeter stone seal and the 3.5-centimeter animal figure.

The authorities reportedly realized that the priceless items had disappeared during a routine inventory-taking exercise.

Officials from the local directorate of culture and tourism have warned customs and border security units against the possible smuggling of the missing objects. Other museums and auction houses have also been notified.

The stone seal was found back in 2000 in the archeological excavations in the Fıstıklıhöyük site, while the animal figurine was unearthed in 1982.

Inspectors from the Culture Ministry have also launched a separate investigation.

Along with the artefacts discovered in the excavations a number of other historical and cultural pieces found in ancient settlements and tumuli are also exhibited in the Şanlurfa Museum in separate displays arrayed in chronological order, according to information on the website of the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Pieces from the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Hittite eras, as well as sharp tools used for cutting or piercing things, along with stone idols and cups from the Neolithic Age, ceramic objects from the chalhcolithic age are on display.

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