Turks consume second most expensive rakı in the world

Turks consume second most expensive rakı in the world

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet
Turks consume second most expensive rakı in the world

Following the recent hikes on alcohol, Turkish rakı now costs 22 euros per 70 centiliter bottle, in sharp contrast to Iraq where it sells for no more than 8.1 euros.

The latest increase in the special consumption tax (SCT) on alcohol has made Turkish rakı, at 22 euros for a 70 centiliter bottle on the average, the second-most-expensive in the world after England, where a bottle costs 23.5 euros. Iraq, where a bottle costs 8.1 euros, is now rakı heaven. 

In Germany, home to 3 million Turks and the biggest consumers of rakı outside Turkey, the shelf price for a bottle of rakı is approximately 13 euros. 

Greece, which produces ouzo, a drink similar to rakı, exports its product for 15 euros. With the two-euro increase in the price of rakı that followed the SCT hike, Turkish rakı has now surpassed the Greek rakı price at 20 euros. 

The cheapest countries for rakı are now Iraq, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Syria. Rakı in Syria sells for 9.5 euros and 9.6 euros in Azerbaijan and Macedonia. 

Turkey exports roughly 4 million liters of rakı per year, a $30 million contribution to Turkey’s exports.

European youth now like to serve rakı at parties, mixing it with other drinks. In recent years, rakı consumption in Turkey has also been on the rise. Turkish citizens consume about 43 million liters per year, and Turkey is the world’s leader in aniseed-based drinks, according to the Impact Databank 2011 report.