Türkiye to host first Int’l Space Convention

Türkiye to host first Int’l Space Convention

Türkiye to host first Int’l Space Convention

International Space Convention, one of the world’s most prestigious space events, will be held for the first time in Türkiye, with the key players of the industry gathering in the northwestern province of Bursa.

The convention organized by Altair Enterprises, will be conducted in GUHEM, the space and aviation training center, between Sept. 9 and 11.

More than 100 experts from NASA and ESA and the world giants of the space industry, such as Maxar Technologies, Spire, GMV and Beyond Gravity, will attend the convention as speakers.

The event will take start with an opening speech by Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, the president of the Turkish Space Agency.

“We are glad to host this international organization in GUHEM, which is the biggest interactive space and aviation center in Europe,” said Halit Mirahmetoğlu, the head of the center.

According to a statement by the center issued on Sept. 6, the latest developments in the industry will be shared during the convention.

GUHEM was opened in Oct. 30, 2020, with the sponsorship of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.