Türkiye to overcome any obstacle for using natural resources: Erdoğan

Türkiye to overcome any obstacle for using natural resources: Erdoğan

Türkiye to overcome any obstacle for using natural resources: Erdoğan

His government will overcome any obstacle and anyone who will try to prevent Türkiye from using its natural resources, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan tweeted on May 3.

“Yesterday, we shared with our nation the joy of discovering the largest oil reserve in our history in Cudi Gabar,” he said and added that once the terror is cleared away from the southeast mountains of Türkiye, now the government is able to give “good news” from the region.

Türkiye is located in a strategically important region with the world’s largest oil deposits, but the country, with oil and gas gushing in the same region, has not been able to benefit from the riches of this geography for years, the president said.

“It turns out that our hands and feet were tied by terrorist organizations, political instability and global companies so that oil does not come out of our lands,” Erdoğan said.

“Why did the imperialist forces give all these weapons to the separatist organization and its extensions in Syria; We now better understand why they want to surround our country with a terror corridor,” he added.

Erdoğan said they now better understood why some countries were “targeting” Türkiye’s most important power in the fight against terrorism; UAVs, SİHAs and the Turkish companies that produce them, “for no apparent reason.”

“All of these are just a trick of those who aim to keep Türkiye out of the energy race,” he stated.

The government is “disrupting this game, this dirty workbench” with the steps it has been taking in the energy field, the president emphasized.

“We will overcome anyone who will prevent us from using our underground and aboveground riches, and we will overcome every obstacle,” he stated.

The government endeavors to end Türkiye’s foreign dependency on energy, Erdoğan said on May 2 at an opening ceremony in Konya.

Stressing that while removing the traces of the disaster, they continue to realize the vision projects which will “make the nation’s dreams come true,” Erdoğan said.

The president drew attention to the natural gas discovered in the Black Sea.

“As of now, we are meeting 10 percent of our total need with the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. Obviously, there will be the second, the third and the fourth units,” Erdoğan added.

Drawing attention to the works carried out for the opening of new oil wells, he recalled that one of the 10 biggest discoveries made thus far on land was carried out by Türkiye last year.

“Our country’s daily production capacity, which approximated 40,000 barrels 5-6 years ago, has increased twofold and reached 80,000 barrels,” he said.

Türkiye discovered an oil reserve with a daily production capacity of 100,000 barrels in Cudi Gabar, he stated.

“This oil reserve, which is 20 kilometers away from Cizre, is of high-quality. We will increase the daily production capacity of the oil we have discovered 2.6 thousand meters deep in the ground with the 100 wells we will open in the region,” Erdoğan stated.

They have already started to ship the oil extracted from the first well to the refineries, he said, and added, “Undoubtedly, this oil reserve, which will meet 10 percent of our daily consumption all by itself, will be auspicious for our country and nation.”

Their sole purpose is to maximize the discoveries and investments to make Türkiye energy independent, he said and continued, “Because, just like the defense industry, energy independence is also an indispensable must for the true freedom of a country and nation.”