Türkiye becomes base for sports shoe production

Türkiye becomes base for sports shoe production

Türkiye becomes base for sports shoe production

While the sportswear trend in shoes, which has come to the fore with the pandemic, continues, Türkiye is becoming a base in the production of sports shoes.

In addition to the production of domestic brands, world-famous brands Skechers, New Balance and Puma have their production done in Türkiye. Nike and Adidas are also expected to put their plans to produce in Türkiye, which was in progress before the pandemic, on their agenda again.

Hüseyin Çetin, president of the Turkish Footwear Industry Research Development and Education Foundation (TASEV), said that the size of the footwear industry in Türkiye has hit $9 billion. “The trend that started during the pandemic continues,” he said. “Sports and casual wear has become widespread, and 70 percent of the shoes produced in Türkiye are sports shoes. People have gotten used to comfort, this style will continue to be popular.”

Pointing out that there is an increase in the exports of the Turkish shoe industry, Çetin said around $1 billion of the total income of the sector comes from exports.

“The change in supply chains in the world has also benefited our industry,” he said. “The demand for shoes from abroad, especially from European countries, has increased. As the industry, we had a current account deficit before, but now we have a current account surplus.”

Çetin said that Türkiye is ahead in leather shoes and that it has shown great developments in sports shoes recently.
“World giants also started production in Türkiye, where Skechers, New Balance and Puma already are producing,” he added. “Before the pandemic, the production of Adidas and Nike was on the agenda, at least the production of products sold in Türkiye. This may come up again. In sports shoes, both a sub-industry has emerged and special soles for this type are now being made. There is a serious shift, around 70 percent of the shoes produced in Türkiye are sports and casual shoes.”
Turkish Shoe Manufacturers Association (TASD) President Berke İçten said that the change in supply chains due to the pandemic has benefited Türkiye.

“There is a production of 540 million pairs of shoes in Türkiye,” he said. “In 2021, we exported 335 million pairs. Demand has increased, especially from Europe.”

İçten said that if the production capacity would have been more, the country would have increased its shoes exports.
“Türkiye ranks sixth in the world in production and fourth in exports,” he added. “Our post-pandemic market has also diversified. Before the pandemic, our exports were increasing by 10-15 percent every year. These figures have now increased to 23 percent. We can increase this figure to 30-35 percent. Sneakers are still in fashion, and our production capacity is increasing day by day.”