Former Hürriyet Daily News staff attacked in US

Former Hürriyet Daily News staff attacked in US

Former Hürriyet Daily News staff attacked in US

Emine Yılmaz Özsoy, A Turkish artist living in the U.S., became a victim of a brutal attack on May 21 as she was shoved by an assailant into a moving subway train in Manhattan, with authorities reporting that she was left “instantly paralyzed.”

The 35-year-old woman, also a former Hürriyet Daily News employee, was on the subway platform to board the same train with the attacker.

Walking behind her on the platform, the attacker “grabbed her head and shoved her into the moving subway train,” according to the statements of eyewitnesses.

U.S. prosecutors informed that Özsoy was left “instantly paralyzed” and that she currently cannot move anything below her neck.

Özsoy’s injuries include a cervical spine fracture, broken fingers, a scalp laceration and damage to four major blood vessels.

The New York Police Department identified the attacker as a 39-year-old Queens resident, Kamal Semrade.

The authorities also noted that the attack was carried out “randomly,” adding that any relations between the attacker and the victim were not identified.

Semrade has been charged with attempted murder and assault. According to the U.S. media, Semrade is being held without bail.

In the meantime, Ferdi Özsoy, husband of the victim, stated that his wife was on her way to work at a cafe when the attack occurred.

In his written statement, Ferdi Özsoy descrbied her as “an award-winning artist, illustrator and painter,” who moved to New York from Türkiye in 2017.

“Her life has been profoundly impacted by this tragic act of violence,” he said.

“Unfortunately, her mobility is expected to be affected, greatly impacting her daily life. But of course, faith and hope are never-ending.”

Emine Yılmaz Özsoy will face a long recovery process in the hospital.

The artist’s friends have established a fundraising page to meet her medical expenses that have already reached the “six-figure mark.”

The fundraising page can be accessed via