Turkish TV stars attend Oman film fest

Turkish TV stars attend Oman film fest

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Turkish TV stars attend Oman film fest

Actress Songül Öden was invited to the ceremony. Hürriyet photo

Famous Turkish actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and famous actress Songül Öden attended the seventh Muscat International Film Festival (MIFF) in Oman.

Tatlıtuğ and Öden, better known by their popular television names Muhannad and Noor, walked the red carpet on March 31.

The duo has charmed Arab television with their soap operas. The final episode of the most famous show, “Gümüş” (Noor in Arabic), broadcast by MBC TV, managed to pull in more than 80 million viewers from Morocco to Palestine and Saudi Arabia to Oman and beyond, according to the Times of Oman.

“These popular soaps with Muhannad and Noor are watched not only by women, but entire households, helping Turkey carve a niche in the Arab cinema, movie and TV world. Muhannad and Noor have gone on to become the darlings of the Arab masses,” the daily said.

“Muhannad and Noor have conquered the hearts and minds of many women and men in Oman and having them here for the MIFF is a real treat,” Dr. Khalid Al Zadjali, chairman of MIFF and the Oman Film Society (OFS), told the Times of Oman.

“I thank the Turkish embassy, especially the Turkish ambassador, Hayri Erol, for the supportive role he has played in helping us get these two stars to attend MIFF,” said the chairman, according to the daily’s article.

“Turkish films are gaining immense popularity in the Arab world, especially Oman,” said Erol. “I am extremely pleased that these two famous stars are coming to attend the MIFF. With the popularity of these stars and their sitcoms gaining popularity even beyond the Arab world, their presence would serve as a great start for further bringing Turkey and Oman closer on the cultural front. I thank the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and the OFS for thinking of honoring Muhannad and Noor.”

Tatlıtuğ is perceived as the Middle East’s Brad Pitt, said the daily. “Muhannad has been dubbed as the ‘Middle East’s Brad Pitt,’ thanks to his popularity in the Arab world. Many of the series he has acted in were aired in the Arab world after the original broadcast in Turkey. He was also chosen ‘sexiest Turkish man alive’ in a poll conducted by the Turkish daily, Hürriyet, in July 2009,” The Times Oman said.

“Noor, too, has her own following in the Arab world and even viewers from countries like Bulgaria, where the series ‘Gümüş’ airs, adore her,” the daily said.