Turkish software company grows abroad, eyes new markets

Turkish software company grows abroad, eyes new markets

Turkish software company grows abroad, eyes new markets Turkish software company Etiya, which employs over 500 engineers, has been growing in foreign markets and eyeing strong contributions to end the country’s high dependence on foreign products in the sector, the company’s chief executive has said. 

After noting the company opened an office in Singapore in 2014, Etiya co-founder and CEO Aslan Doğan said, “Through our Singapore office, we are eyeing to grow in the Asia-Pacific Asian Region, our Toronto office in the American market and our Turkey office in the European, Gulf and other neighboring regions. We plan to be present on five continents.” 

Etiya was founded by three Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) graduate engineers, Doğan, Ali Durmuş and Serdar Dağdelen, “in a garage” in 2004, and has recently started to sell corporate software solutions to Canada’s Rogers Telecom, the company’s chief executive told Hürriyet Daily News in a written interview. 

Etiya, which specializes in catalog-driven Business/Operations Support System (B/OSS) systems and telco and social CRM and big data analytics solutions, has cooperated with a number of global companies in the field of research and development (R&D), such as China Mobile and Huawei, he said. 

“In line with our global growth targets, we established a separate company, Etiya International, which is run by CEO Chun-Ling Woon, in 2015. We aim to start selling our products to five continents by 2016, especially in the fields of telecommunications, finance and energy,” added Doğan. 

He noted one of the company’s other targets was to help Turkey end its high dependence on foreign countries in telecommunications.