Turkish soap maker to shift production to Malaysia

Turkish soap maker to shift production to Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - Anadolu Agency
Turkish soap maker to shift production to Malaysia Turkey-based soap maker Evyap Holding has made plans to transfer its bar soap production facility from Turkey to Malaysia by the end of this year.

Sendirian Berhad, the vice-president of the Turkish firm’s local subsidiary, said on Jan. 21 that the company aimed to make Johor, Malaysia, where it operates a $200-million plant, its regional hub for the production of bath soap, catering to the global export market.

“The shift in the production facility to Malaysia would result in significant cost savings. That is our intention of the transfer,” Eyvap’s Dr. Martin Rudolph told a press conference in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

“We have different suppliers in Malaysia and Indonesia, thus the cost savings by production here would be significant,” he added.

The shift was also in line with the company’s decision in 2010 to change the raw material for its soaps from tallow to palm oil, which comes from suppliers in Malaysia and neighboring Indonesia.

The Malaysian facility, which commenced operation in 2014, has an annual production capacity of 350,000 tons of chemical products, comprised of soap (150,000 tons), fatty acids (175,000 tons) and glycerin (25,000 tons).

The Evyap group produced 136,660 tons of bar soap for its captive consumption in 2014 alone.

The Malaysian plant has a production capacity of 150,000 tons of bar soap per year, said Rudolph.

So far, the group has invested $200 million in the plant, 60 percent of which is currently in operation.

Rudolph underlined that 40 percent of the plant site remained idle land ready for future expansion purposes.

Founded in 1927, Evyap is one of the world’s largest privately owned soap manufacturers with a global footprint in more than 100 countries.

Evyap manufactures products under four business segments: Personal hygiene, shaving, hygiene and personal care.

Well-known brands including Duru, Arko Men, Arko Nem, Evy Baby, Fax and Activex are under Evyap’s stable.