Turkish singer Dönmez’s life reflected in new film

Turkish singer Dönmez’s life reflected in new film

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Turkish singer Dönmez’s life reflected in new film

The life of Turkish singer and songwriter Karsu Dönmez is reflected in a movie directed by Mercedes Stalenhoef. AA photo

The life of young Turkish musician Karsu Dönmez is depicted in a new documentary film made by Mercedes Stalenhoef, a Dutch director. The film will be released in the Netherlands on Feb. 14 before hitting the silver screen in other countries. Dönmez earned a huge fan backing with music she made at the age of 22. She is likened to Norah Jones in the Netherlands with many fans arguing she has a similar music style.

While fans of Dönmez eagerly await the release of the film in the Netherlands the film has already been entered into festivals. Having attended the International Amsterdam Documentary Film festival (IDFA), the film will be screened to many art lovers from all over the world.

The film was shot and produced over the course of five years and focuses on the life of Dönmez, who received a piano when she was just 7 years old. At the age of 16 she was working in a restaurant as a waitress while also entertaining patrons by singing and playing the piano. The film consists of exerts from Dönmez’s life.

The film cost 350 thousand euros to produce and is scheduled to be screened in Turkey.

On stage at Carnegie Hall

Dönmez was born to a villager family from Hatay that immigrated to the Netherlands to find work. She plays the piano, interpreting each song in her own way by adding her own flair to the composition. She also writes and produces songs in Turkish and English. She has performed many concerts, and taken part in multiple festivals. Among them Carnegie Hall is one of the most important concert stages she has played on.

Dönmez is very proud to have performed at such important places and would like to continue her success and even develop herself further as an artist in the future.

Her new album is titled “Confession” and she is planning to give several concerts in 2013. Some of the tickets for the planned concerts have already been sold out. Dönmez’s biggest wish is to share the stage with Turkish diva Sezen Aksu.