Turkish shirtmaker to open plant in Africa

Turkish shirtmaker to open plant in Africa

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Turkish shirtmaker to open plant in Africa

This photo shows the Dufy factory in Ümraniye, Istanbul. Dufy’s new factory in Africa is expected to produce 5,000 shirts per day, says Chairman Yusuf Bayat.

One of Turkey’s leading shirt makers, Dufy, is preparing to open a new factory in Africa next month that is expected to produce 4 million shirts per year.

The investment decision comes after Dufy sold 2.4 million shirts in the African market in 2010.
Dufy’s “Segrato” brand shirts have quickly spread in Nigeria, Congo and Senegal.

The “Segrato” brand was specifically designed for the African market and is more affordable than Dufy’s classic brand, sold to a wealthier customer base in locations such as Paris.

“Some 20 or 30 days after the Eid al-Adha holiday we will open our new factory in Africa. There is such high demand from African countries that we were really surprised,” said Dufy Chairman Yusuf Bayat.

1,000 shirts per day

Dufy currently ships 1,000 “Segrato” shirts to Africa per day, said Bayat, adding that
the new factory would increase this amount to 5,000 shirts per day. The factory is expected to employ an additional 1,000 employees.

Dufy operates 150 stores and began exporting to the European market in 1995.

Dufy’s current factory is located in Ümraniye on Istanbul’s Anatolian side.