Turkish opera ballet break record in 2017

Turkish opera ballet break record in 2017

Turkish opera ballet break record in 2017

The State Opera and Ballet (DOB) General Director and Art Director Selman Ada said Turkey reached the highest number of visitors this year since 1949.

Ada held a press conference on Sept. 28 with general directors of six cities and launched the 2017-2018 art season repertoire.
The director said the DOB has been working in Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Mersin, Antalya and Samsun and also organizes tours to nearby cities, adding that the opera and ballet broke a record in 2017 in terms of the number of viewers, which reached 369,948, the highest since 1949.

The number of children participating in opera and ballet has reached 92,233 in six cities, according to the director. “We are working to bring this number to 200,000-250,000,” he said.

Ada also said the DOB has been renting the Leyla Gencer Stage in Ankara for 51 years.
“The work on the Leyla Gencer Stage continues. It is set to open on Jan. 1, 2018 at the latest,” he said.

Restoraton in Leyla Gencer and Ulus stage

According to the director, all the seats in the Leyla Gencer Stage have been renewed, the orchestra pit has been extended and the restoration has been completed. “We have a new orchestra pit enough for 90 musicians,” he added.
Meanwhile, the DOB has also started new work on the renovation, repair and maintenance of the historical opera and ballet building in Ulus, he said.
“With the projects of the Council of Monuments, this building will regain its historic features. This work will take three years. We estimate that the stage will remain closed for five-six months but performances will continue in the Leyla Gencer Stage. This building in Ulus will be a source of pride for Ankara,” he added.

“Artist Kadir Okurer won the Grand Prix Award in the First International Istanbul Ballet Competition and Özge Başaran won the Grand Prix in the International Yury Grigorovich Ballet Competition,” said Ada, referring to artists who have won international awards.
“İlhan Durgut and Özge Onat won first prize at the 25th International Italy Spoleto Ballet Competition. Tenor Arda Doğan won the European

Music Academy International Singing Competition’s Beethoven Award last year,” he said, listing others who were also among international winners.

As for the festivals organized by the DOB, Ada said the Istanbul International Ballet Competition and Festival will be organized in July next year followed by the International Singing Competition. Ada said a Gala Concert will be organized on Oct. 18 and 19.

“Our new website www.operabale.gov.tr, which we try to make the best in the world, will launch in October or mid-November at the latest,” he added.

“The Barber of Seville,” “The Tales of Hoffman,” “The Bill of Marriage,” “Afife,” “The Ears of Midas,” “Masked Ball,” “Murat VI” and “The Nutcracker” are among the performances that will premiere in the new season in different citie