Turkish movie week kicks off in Tashkent

Turkish movie week kicks off in Tashkent

TASHKENT - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish movie week kicks off in Tashkent Turkish movie week has kicked off in the capital city of Uzbekistan. Films will be screened at the Tashkent Radisson SAS hotel for five days.

Viewers will have the chance to see the Turkish movies “Piano Girl” (Deli Deli Olma), “Yes, Commander” (Emret Komutanım), “Waiting for Heaven” (Cenneti Beklerken), “120” and “Follow Kadri, Not Your Heart” (Kadri’nin Götürdüğü Yere Git).

The event was organized by the Turkish Embassy in Tashkent. During the opening ceremony, Presentation Secretary Cihan Varlık said Turkish movies had become a favorite among the industry. Turkish films were world-renowned, with some receiving awards at the Cannes Film Festival, he said.

This is the eighth Turkish film week in Tashkent, Varlık said. This was a free event, which allowed everyone to see the films, he said. “They have a heritage and cultural significance for the Turkic republics, strengthening the ties between Turkey and Uzbekistan.”

Tashkent Ambassador Sertaç Sönmezay said “Piano Girl,” starring Turkish actors Tarık Akan and Şerif Sezer, drew huge acclaim from Uzbek audiences. Turkish television series including “Valley of the Wolves,” “Asmalı Mansion,” “A Story of Istanbul,” “Aliye” and “Zerda” were also very popular, he said, and are currently broadcasted on Uzbek channels.