Turkish masterpieces to go under hammer

Turkish masterpieces to go under hammer

Turkish masterpieces to go under hammer

Opening price for Erol Akyavaş’s ‘The Siege’ will be 400,000 liras.

Works by masters of contemporary Turkish art including Erol Akyavaş, Fahrelnisa Zeid, Burhan Doğançay, Mübin Orhon, Orhan Peker and Cihat Burak will be auctioned by Antik A.Ş. on April 12.
Akyavaş, who broke the contemporary Turkish art auction record last year with his painting “Kabe” (Kaaba), which was sold for 2.9 million Turkish Liras, will be in the auction with his series titled “The Siege.”

The monumental masterpiece, which comes to the auction from the artist’s family collection, is from his times in New York in 1982. It will be auctioned for the first time, and the opening price will be 400,000 liras.

Another magnificent piece in the auction is Fahrelnisa Zeid’s oil on canvas work, “Portrait.” The painting was sold for 5.7 million liras last October in Dubai.

A work from the “Door” series of master Burhan Doğançay, who passed away last year, and three works from his “Ribbons” series, will also be up for auction.

Cihat Burak’s “Cats” will be auctioned for the first time.

The auction, which will take place at Antik Palace, will present works from private collections, and will also include works by internationally acclaimed artists such as Bernard Buffet, Julian Opie, Arman and Francis Bacon.

Works to be included can be viewed at the Artam Antik A.Ş. exhibition hall until April 12, the day of the auction.