Turkish man may be jailed for driving with feet

Turkish man may be jailed for driving with feet

Turkish man may be jailed for driving with feet

A Turkish man who shared a video on social media showing himself driving a car with his feet while eating from a basket of fruits could be jailed up to six years, according to an indictment

Abdulkadir Erdoğan was detained in the eastern Turkish province of Erzurum in May after the video triggered public outcry, with hundreds of people saying the man risked lives by behaving as if in a Turkish pub instead of behind the wheel of a car.

Erdoğan was later released and his driving license was seized by the police.

He had denied that he committed a crime, claiming that he was only “relaxed” driving around 35 km per hour on a side street.

After its investigation, Erzurum Chief Prosecutor’s Office presented an indictment, which was accepted by a local court, the news website Diken reported on June 22.

According to the indictment, Erdoğan presented a risk in traffic and should be jailed for up to six years even though he did not harm anyone during his latest dangerous ride.

It was revealed that Erdoğan kept driving recklessly even after he was released, as seen from videos on his social media account, one showing him driving while smoking shisha.

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