Turkish man found dead in Berlin prison

Turkish man found dead in Berlin prison

BERLIN – Anadolu Agency
Turkish man found dead in Berlin prison A Turkish man under arrest pending trial has been found dead in his prison cell in Berlin, according to officials.

Gökhan Aydın, 24, was found dead in his cell on Aug. 13, with prison officials informing his family that he committed suicide. An investigation into Aydın’s death has been opened.

Aydın was sent to prison on March 20 and was awaiting trial on charges of bodily injury.
There were also allegations that both of the man’s hands were tied to the window of his cell and that police and prosecutors were not informed about the situation.

There is no police report on whether his hands were tied when he was found dead.

The man’s sister Gönül Aydın said they had no reason to believe that her brother committed suicide and vowed to follow the case.

His aunt Seyhan Aydın said they had hired a lawyer to shed light on the case, while echoing the suggestion that it was not possible for him to have committed suicide.