Turkish gov’t plans to set new criteria for power distribution companies

Turkish gov’t plans to set new criteria for power distribution companies

Turkish gov’t plans to set new criteria for power distribution companies

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New criteria will soon be implemented to increase customer satisfaction in power distribution, Energy Minister Berat Albayrak has said.

In a closed meeting in the Black Sea province of Trabzon, Albayrak shared performance and employment data for power distribution companies, according to sources close to the matter.

In addition to existing services, new criteria will be established to increase customer satisfaction in a number of areas, with officials set to offer written feedback within 15 days after any consumer complaint and answer consumer calls within 30 seconds at company call centers.

Albayrak met representatives from 21 power distribution companies last weekend.

In a presentation about the new era for the companies, he said the firms would have responsibilities in four key areas, each of which has separate evaluation criteria, according to sources.

Companies will be graded upon their evaluation results after a series of reviews and checks, he added.

If they do not resolve a problem in a pre-defined process, they will face penalties and sanctions, which are defined by regulations.

The ministry will closely follow whether companies offer supply quality and consistency, undertake the required investments, offer good customer services and establish a number of well-functioning corporate communications services.

Under the criteria of the “Supply Quality and Consistency” criterion, any power cuts and their frequency will be determined upon a consumer-based feedback system. Under the “Investments” criterion, the ministry will follow whether companies will make the required investments, which are defined in cooperation with the Energy Markets Regulatory Authority (EPDK).

As part of the “Customer Services” criterion, companies were offered first assessment reports by ministry officials at the meeting that were prepared by asking people whether they were happy with their power distribution services. People were asked whether they had dealt with their power distribution companies in the last six months due to any problem and whether their problems were resolved easily.

Albayrak noted that the performance of the power distribution companies’ call centers was one of the key criteria, according to sources. He advised company representatives to adopt effective and efficient corporate communication models through which they can build direct contact with their customers.