Turkish firm seeks to reduce dependency on imported stent

Turkish firm seeks to reduce dependency on imported stent

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Turkish firm seeks to reduce dependency on imported stent

A Turkish company which produces healthcare devices is aiming to reduce the country’s dependency on imported stent by manufacturing it in the country.

Leyla Alaton, the president of Alvimedica, told state-run Anadolu Agency Turkey was a big stent importer, making its prices very high.

Stent is a little metallic cage used for opening blockages in coronary arteries in order to prevent patients from suffering heart attacks.

“We want to transfer the technology to Turkey in 2018 and start exporting as soon as possible high quality stents substantially,” Alaton said.

She underlined that the prices of imported stents currently varied from 150 liras [$40] to 7,000 liras [$1,840] in Turkey. “People will have access to it for a reasonable price after we produce them in Turkey.”

Alaton added that the company also aims to export stents to the U.S. after getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration, a U.S. federal agency.

The company also aims to open a hospital in Croatia’s southern province of Split in the second half of the year, Alaton said.

“The construction of the external part of the hospital building has been completed and we are about to start construction within the building itself,” she added.

Women workers

Alaton said the hospital will serve especially in the field of cosmetic surgery along with other medical areas.

Split is a suitable location for the company as the city attracts around 10 million tourists a year and does not have any private hospitals, she said.

She stated the patients that cannot be treated in the hospital will be transferred to Turkey, hence, contributing to the country’s portfolio.

A supporter of women’s participation in the workforce, Alaton said more than half of Alvimedica’s employees are women due to the nature of the business.

“There is great handwork in stent production and women especially are good at it,”Alaton said.

“Women who earn their own money feel more empowered and have equal say in their families,” Alaton said, adding that this is key to achieve a gender-equal society.

Stressing that achieving financial independence make them empowered, Alaton said: “Financially independent women are good role models for their children and their families.”

Alvimedica, established in 2007, manufactures integrated circuit products for endovascular and interventional cardiology.

The company has two manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Italy and exports its products to more than 70 countries worldwide.