Turkish Film Fest opens with exhibit

Turkish Film Fest opens with exhibit

FRANKFURT - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish Film Fest opens with exhibit

Photography artist Mehmet Ünal displays photos taken in Germany over 35 years. AA photo

The 11th Turkish Film Festival organized in Frankfurt began Nov. 4 with Mehmet Ünal’s photography exhibition titled “50 Years of Immigration” at the Cinestar Metropolis, one of the city’s leading movie theaters.

Festival official Hüseyin Sıtkı Hessen, State Assembly member Gernot Grumbach, Frankfurt Department of Multicultural Affairs Director Helga Nagel along with press members and art lovers were among the ceremony’s guests.

Ünal said he had been taking photos for 35 years, adding, “I am presenting 50 photos I have chosen from hundreds of photos taken in almost all regions in Germany.”

The photography exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, can be visited free of charge until Nov. 13, the last day of the festival.

50 years of immigration

“We are very pleased to open the 11th Turkish Film Festival in Frankfurt. We have organized a photography exhibition featuring 50 years of immigration due to the 50th year of immigration this year,” said Festival official Sıtkı.

The festival includes films feature directors or actors of Turkish origin and films on immigration from Kosovo, France and Finland. Also, nostalgic films of Yeşilçam (Turkey’s Hollywood), featuring immigration will be shown in the festival