Turkish farmer finds 5,000-year-old artifacts on field

Turkish farmer finds 5,000-year-old artifacts on field

ERZURUM – Anadolu Agency
Turkish farmer finds 5,000-year-old artifacts on field

A Turkish farmer in the eastern province of Erzurum has found artifacts dating back 5,000 years while plowing his field.

Erzurum Museum Director Hüsnü Genç told Anadolu Agency that a large stone appeared when Mehmet Küçük was working in his field, and the farmer found five artifacts consisting of pots, a stone furnace and various weights.

Küçük was afraid to turn in the artifacts due to fear of being arrested, the director said.

“As parts of the Museum Day activities, we organized seminars in Erzurum and its districts on what to do when historic artifacts are found,” he added.

“Küçük heard of these seminars, found out that he would not be arrested, and brought th artifacts to us.”

The artifacts belong to the Kura-Araxes culture, Genç said.

The Kura-Araxes culture, also known as Karaz, was a civilization that existed from about 4,000 BC until about 2,000 BC.

“The artifacts consist of both religious and daily life items,” he said.

“The Karaz culture has very specific type of pottery, which are shiny black. The pottery found are also such.”

Genç said a commission w3ill be set up to put a value on the artifacts and Genç will be paid accordingly.

Küçük said he kept the artifacts at his home for one month after he found them.

“It was both because I was busy, and I feared that I would be treated as a smuggler,” he said.

“Then I called an official and delivered the artifacts through him.”