Turkish entertainment giant expands in London

Turkish entertainment giant expands in London

Jale Özgentürk ISTANBUL / Radikal
Turkish entertainment giant expands in London

Doğuş Holding Chairman Ferit Şahenk has acquired Peruvian restaurant Coya in London, expanding his presence in restaurant and entertainment sectors.

Turkish businessman Ferit Şahenk has extended his entertainment sector presence overseas, buying a 20 percent share in famous London restaurant Coya.

The trendy restaurant serving Peruvian food in Mayfair, central London, has become the latest ring in Şahenk’s growing food and entertainment network.

The group is prominent in the media, automotive, construction and energy sectors. However, in the past year, Doğuş Group Chairman Şahenk, who was named the richest person in Turkey by Forbes, has stepped up acquisitions in these sectors, while also expanding in the marine sector.

Doğuş’s entertainment and restaurant subsidiary D.ream had partnered up with Azumi Group in 2012 to set sails for new markets with their upper class restaurants Zuma and Roka.

Since then, Şahenk’s entertainment acquisitions gain more pace with addition of top Istanbul restaurants like Da Mario, Vogue, Anjelique, Kitchenette, Gina, Ajia, Zuma, Mama, Carlotta, Poupon, Ca’d’oro, Gigi, Foodist Catering, Tom Aikens, Tom’s Kitchen, Tom’s Deli, Raika, Wanna Pop. Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Kiva, Armani Ristorante, Go Mongo and GQ Bar.