Turkish Director heals birds on his farm

Turkish Director heals birds on his farm

Turkish Director heals birds on his farm Turkish director and contemporary artist Kutluğ Ataman, who is a native of the eastern province of Erzincan, said he has opened a bird grove for wounded wild birds to be treated and released to nature again. 

“I request animal lovers, particularly local animal organizations, to bring such birds to the grove,” he said.
Some time ago, Ataman worked with an architect’s office to establish a farm, including a studio and a house, on large land he inherited from his family in Erzincan. 

He also started working on his farm to bring wounded wild birds back to nature and formed a special section, named the Palanga Bird Grove, on an area of 15,000 square meters for the treatment and rehabilitation of those animals. 

The wetlands and small lakes on the land were closed to other animals to protect the birds. The fowl, which are wounded during illegal hunting activities in and around Erzincan and taken by local animal organizations, will be released to nature after their treatment and rehabilitation. 

“Our bird grove is a social responsibility project which is the one and only in the Eastern Anatolia. It will meet a significant need of the region,” said Ataman, speaking to Anadolu Agency.

Ataman said he decided to establish the grove after his employee brought three wounded mallards.

“One of my employees has brought three wounded mallards. I thought that my farm had missing wild birds. Then I changed the places of my domestic animals and even my beloved dogs in order to make space for the wild birds. I created a fully natural environment here featuring the conditions of a forest. Now we try to make this model spread. The nutrients that are necessary for animals have appeared in this environment on their own,” he said.

Ataman said that the first guests of the grove were three mallards.

“Three mallards, which were not able to immigrate because of wounds on their wings, were released and taken under protection here. The employees on the farm try to get the wounded mallards to join the other healthy mallard herds around and to immigrate with them.”

He said that they would protect the wounded birds. “I call for animal lovers and local animal organizations to bring such birds to the grove,” he concluded.