Turkish Cyprus in crisis as early election looms

Turkish Cyprus in crisis as early election looms

Ömer Bilge - Hürriyet / NICOSIA
Turkish Cyprus in crisis as early election looms

Turksih Cypriot President Eroğlu (L), PM Küçük (C) and former President Talat are seen in this photo. Küçük has blamed Eroğlu for the latest crisis. AA photo

A group of lawmakers from Turkish Cyprus’ ruling National Unity Party (UBP) has issued a motion of no confidence with opposition parties, pushing the country into political turmoil.

The ruling party and the opposition also agreed to hold early elections on July 28.

The law committee accepted the proposal to hold the elections on July 28, and it will be scheduled to be put to a vote today in Parliament. Parliamentary elections were due to be held in April 2014.

Fierce debates erupted in Parliament over the proposal on early elections after opposition parties suggested holding polls Sept. 29 in response to Prime Minister İrsen Küçük’s offer, which suggested July 21 as the date.

Prime Minister Küçük blamed President Derviş Eroğlu for lawmakers’ support for the motion. The motion of censure, which may overthrow the government, will be discussed on May 27, according to the Constitution.

PM will relinquish duty to the president

If the government is overthrown, Küçük will relinquish his duty to the president and new efforts will be taken to form a new government.

Turkish Cyprus sees growing public discontent with the administration as diplomatic moves to resume talks on the island’s reunification gain speed.