Turkish club to elect 1st chairwoman in Süper Lig

Turkish club to elect 1st chairwoman in Süper Lig

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Turkish club to elect 1st chairwoman in Süper Lig

A Turkish businesswoman, set to be elected the first chairwoman of a club playing in the Turkish Süper Lig, said on Dec. 2 that Turkish women are not secluded from society and that they could accomplish a great deal when given the opportunity.

During a televised interview with Turkish broadcaster NTV, Berna Gözbaşı said she previously served as Vice Chair for Kayserispor, but that she could not actively take part in the club's affairs due to her workload.

Following the resignation of former chairman Hamdi Elcuman, the executive board and others agreed that Gözbaşı should become president, which she accepted after their insistence, she said.

Her election as interim chairwoman of the club launched an international media fanfare, with many reporters seeking interviews from Gözbaşı, who said that she became a symbol for Turkish women on what they can do when given the opportunity.

She underlined that she spoke with each player in the team and that she is comfortable doing so as she could speak English.

The Kayserispor board elected Gözbaşı last month as interim chairperson unanimously after former head Hamdi Elcuman's resignation.

Kayserispor will hold the general meeting to elect a permanent chairperson on Dec. 7, with Gözbaşı the only candidate running to lead the club.

Gözbaşı previously served as an adviser for the club, she previously worked for many companies on marketing and foreign trade and has been active in the Middle Eastern and African markets.

She has received many awards for her entrepreneurship.

The Yellow-Reds, founded in 1966, are a Turkish football club located in the country's central province of Kayseri 

Kayserispor are currently at the bottom of the Turkish Süper Lig with a mere seven points.