Turkish cinema, music digitally protected

Turkish cinema, music digitally protected

Turkish cinema, music digitally protected

With a new work initiated by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, the unforgettable films of Turkish cinema such as “Hababab Sınıfı” (Chaos Class) and “Malkoçoğlu,” as well as music from artists such as Zeki Müren, Müzeyyen Senar and Barış Manço, will be transferred to digital archives to ensure their protection.

According to information provided by the ministry, the Digital Document Archive project, launched in 2013, has so far made seven million cinema and music related documents digital.

The oldest of these documents pertain to the 1932 film “Düğün Gecesi” (Wedding Night).

The ministry has recently taken the second step of establishing a digital sound and visual archive project.

In this project, not only the documents but also the sounds and visuals of Turkish films and music in VHS, Betamax, CD-DVD formats – some 65,000 materials stowed in the Directorate General for Copyright archives – will be transferred to the digital environment.

In total, 400,000 cinema and music works are set to be digitalized in the course of this ministry project.

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