Turkish-British actress awarded in int’l festivals

Turkish-British actress awarded in int’l festivals

Turkish-British actress awarded in int’l festivals

Turkish-British actress Susku Ekim Kaya, who has been awarded by the international film festivals in New York and Italy for the quarantine short film she directed and played in London, will be honored at the NY Cat Film Festival in New York and the Vesuvius International Film Festival in Italy for her short film, titled “Will you be my quarantine?”

The film draws attention to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on people, as well as talks about the process of adapting to this new situation.

The short film is based on the actress’s personal experience during the first lockdown in London. The film has been directed by Kaya and has been played by her along with her beloved cat, Lady Leia.

Despite the ongoing wave of COVID-19, the actress has managed to portray a positive side of this phase. She managed to show the audience that sustaining healthy mental health and keeping in touch with your loved ones is all in our hands.

“This international lockdown has been tough for all of us. Most of the people confined within their houses miles apart from their loved ones have faced severe depression and anxiety as a result of extreme loneliness,” Kaya said.

While portraying the positive side of the pandemic, she said, “Although this quarantine period is pretty tough and exhausting, the advanced technology has enabled us to keep in touch with our loved ones, so I am grateful that I have never felt alone and always kept in touch with my family and friends.

“I was very lucky to have my cat by my side during this difficult time. I believe that they contribute positively to human psychology, so please let’s remember to appreciate the animals and take good care of them,” she added.

Kaya is expected to receive her awards in person in the premiere that will take place in New York in November.