Turkish-Armenian actor’s name given to Istanbul street

Turkish-Armenian actor’s name given to Istanbul street

Turkish-Armenian actor’s name given to Istanbul street

Nubar Terziyan (L) is seen with a late actor of Turkish cinema, Ayhan Işık. His name was given to a street in Istanbul.

The name of veteran Turkish-Armenian actor Nubar Terziyan has been given to his old street in Büyükdere in Istanbul’s Sarıyer district.

According to Turkish-Armenian weekly newspaper Agos, the executive board of the Büyükdere Surp Hripsimyants Church started working last year to give the actor’s name to the street, but the council of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality rejected the proposal.

The foundation subsequently started a petition campaign and revised the proposal, which was approved a second time by the council.

Büyükdere Surp Hripsimyants Church Executive Board President Murat Süme conveyed his thanks to Sarıyer Mayor Şükrü Genç, saying the official opening of the street would be organized in the coming days.

Terziyan was born as Nubar Alyanak in 1909 in Istanbul. In 1940 he began his acting career and in 1949 assumed his first major role in an adaptation of Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar’s “Efsuncu Baba.” After performing in hundreds of films and several TV shows, Terziyan died at the age of 84 in 1994.

The actor won the hearts of cinema lovers as well as the famous artists of Yeşilçam. He was dubbed “baba” (father) by Turkish cinema’s “Ugly King,” Yılmaz Güney, as well as the handsome actor Ayhan Işık.