Turkish architects design house in memory of David Bowie

Turkish architects design house in memory of David Bowie

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Turkish architects design house in memory of David Bowie

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Two Turkish architect brothers have designed an extraordinary house in memory of veteran British rock star David Bowie, who recently died of cancer at age 69.

Sunay and Günay Erdem’s project was a response to an international architect platform’s call for projects by special architects from across the globe.

The Erdem brothers designed a house inspired by the unforgettable Bowie song “Thru These Architect’s Eyes” in the form of a bird’s nest in a forest, the architects told Doğan News Agency.

The project regarded the musician’s critical stance on metropole buildings, the brothers said.

“In the music video, a look into the sky, as well as a dream of fleeing to nature and the green by getting free of buildings, leaps out. These things inspired us. Thus, we thought if a house was to be designed for Bowie, it should be constructed far from the city and buildings, and somewhere high above the earth. This could only be a house in the shape of a bird nest,” they said.

House needs supplied by nature

The house designed in memory of Bowie leans against old and tall trees surrounding London, where the rock star was born, and the house can only be reached by a rope.

Designed as a museum, the house will include a library where documents and archives will tell the story of the legendary musician.

While a double room with one bed will be offered in the seven-square-meter house, all the house’s needs will be supplied by nature, as the house does not include a bathroom or kitchen.

Some of the Erdem brothers’ other designs include the La Spezia Port urban transformation project and a tree house project for homeless people in San Francisco. The designers have more than 40 projects across the world and have won more than 50 international awards.