Turkish Airlines red lipstick ban for flight attendants stirs debate

Turkish Airlines red lipstick ban for flight attendants stirs debate

Reports of a ban on the use of red, pink and claret lipstick by Turkish Airlines flight attendants has sparked debate, as many women shared red lipstick photos on social media in protest of the new regulation.

THY will no longer allow its flight attendants to wear red, pink or claret lipstick, according to a new regulation that will be introduced soon, daily Hürriyet reported April 29. Hostesses must use pastel tones in their makeup. Having tattoos, a high bun or wig are also banned according to the new regulations released by the Cabin Services Department, Hürriyet reported.

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy leader Gürsel Tekin called the ban on red lipstick “perversity” at a press conference on April 29. “This regulation is perversity, is there any other explanation? Does the public authority decide what a 20- or 30-year-old woman will wear?”

Red lipstick does not match the uniforms: Airline officials

Turkish Airlines said in a written statement April 30 that lipstick and lacquer in red, dark pink or similar colors did not match the current uniforms and that make-up in pastel colors was preferred in the services sector.

“As the appearance of the faces and hands of the cabin crew carries additional importance during service, a natural look is proven to create a more moderate and accessible effect in communication,” the statement read.

Similar implementations were widespread among other international airlines, it said.

THY has previously been criticized for removing alcohol from in-flight menus on flights to eight countries.

THY also made headlines when the company’s new uniform designs were leaked on social microblogging website Twitter, instantly causing great public backlash. Turkish designer Dilek Hanif’s designs included lower hemlines and Ottoman-era-like hats.